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namaste.jpgI have been receiving lymph drainage massage over the last five years. At one point it was every 4 weeks and I often had to drive to Canada to find a practitioner who understood lymph drainage. I still had one leg that was noticeable larger than the other which made it uncomfortable for me to wear dresses that revealed any leg. For the past three years even pants suits revealed that I had a problem. Thanks to Robin’s skills today I even wear shorts because my legs are the same size. Thank You!
- Cereta Lamphere, ASN, Reiki Master. CMT

The individual treatment plan that was designed for me while I was pregnant helped with stress, and my overall wellness. After the birth of my daughter I continued with specialized treatment and I could not believe the difference of less fatigue and back pain. The experience with different types of massage is vital to all the changes in our lives.
 - Amy Whittemore

I didn’t start massage therapy until I was 57 years old and my first experience was so relaxing and calming that I was instantly hooked. Over the next few years I went to various massage therapist and in June 2009 was referred to Robin, who was practicing just up the road from my home. I had never requested a deep tissue massage in spite of the fact that I have been running for the last 50 years and have always been suffering with tight and/or pulled muscles. Robin demonstrated her expertise and knowledge during that first and following sessions; and has been a God send for my physical and mental well being. I schedule my 1½ hour sessions every three weeks and the time between just doesn’t go by fast enough.
 - Terry Sweeney, Georgia, Vermont

Robin works with me to find the right pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. She helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and identifies habits that are potentially interfering with my day to day wellness.
 - K. Arel

Robin is very knowledgeable and the best in the area. Not only do I use her on a regular basis as a marathon runner, but I also have no reservation with referring my good friends or even clients/ athletes to her, because I have no doubt they are in good hands.
 - Kimberly Cross, ATC, LAT Certified Athletic Trainer

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